Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults - RCIA

I'm wondering about Catholicism...
I'd like to know more about this church.
There are many things I just don’t understand…
What are “the Sacraments” and why are they important?
What does “the Church” say and do about Social Justice and why?
What’s important about “community”?
It seems like there are so many “rules”…why?
I try to live a good life, be helpful to others; isn’t that enough?
Are you wondering…interested…questioning?

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Women's Bible Study

Attention Women of St. Gregory's Parish!

Do you need more peace in your hectic day?
Would you like to ease the pressures of your life with prayer?
Do you have a longing to know Christ deeper?

All women of the parish are invited to attend our Women's Bible Study.

This ongoing women's fellowship deepens our individual relationships with Christ through sharing our faith, discussing scripture, supporting each others' spiritual needs and praying together in an atmosphere of hospitality, confidentiality, love and respect to all. Please consider joining us to learn more about God's awesome love for you that is revealed in His Word,. Come, get to know other women of the parish in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. First and third Mondays from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm in the Romero House.
For more information contact Mary Christopherson at 651/237-0470.